Blue Mountains Health Trust stepped in to help. They provided Olivia's school with a Mimio digital whiteboard recorder, which communicates with her laptop computer. It enlarges her work and can convert it to print.

Simone says Olivia's teacher can also prepare lessons for Olivia in advance if she is unwell and away from school. And, the whiteboard can be used to send home messages to Olivia's parents if her teachers have any concerns about her health or her progress.

"Now Olivia can take part in her classes and her teacher is able to send her gentle reminders through the whiteboard about important things she has to remember," Simone said

"She is able to interact with her teachers and her classmates and the whiteboard has given us tremendous peace of mind.

"We are greatly indebted to Blue Mountains Health Trust. They have allowed our beautiful daughter, who has shown outstanding courage, to pursue her great love of school."