Three requirements must be met by applicants for funding under the guidelines of the Blue Mountains Health Trust.

The application must be for an item or service which:

  • provides relief to the sick, infirm, disabled, helpless or impotent
  • provides or helps provide medical advice, treatment or support
  • prevents or lessens illness or disability
  • employs medical, surgical and pharmaceutical staff
  • encourages the study of health issues and educates and trains students in areas such as medicine, pharmacy, nursing and related areas of treatment
  • promotes medical research

The item or service must relate to the residents of the Blue Mountains, or have in some other way, a tangible connection to the Blue Mountains local Government area.

The item or service must not receive State or Federal Government funding.

Scholarships of $6000 for the study of health and medicine-related projects are awarded over a three-year period. Special guidelines apply.